The Guide for newcomers in Luxembourg

You have just moved to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and you have many questions. Here is a practical guide that will answer many questions about your installation, social security, children, transportation, taxation...



Welcome to Luxembourg!

Every year, newcomers from all over the world decide to move to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

To help you get to know your new home better and to guide you through the process, this practical guide, shows you the main information to know as a new resident.

What are the essential steps to take when you arrive? How do you find a place to live? How do you find a job? How do you take care of yourself? Pay your taxes? How to get your marriage recognized? Receive family allowances? Enroll your children in school? Take advantage of an extraordinary leave? Receive a pension? Move around the country? Obtain the Luxembourg nationality? Etc.

Produced in collaboration with the website, this guide aims to answer the main questions of newcomers who settle in Luxembourg for more than three months.

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A practical guide has been published to provide concise answers to the main questions that newcomers to Luxembourg may have.

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